Tuesday, June 25, 2013

vintage mini camper - a traveling blogger?

You know when we decide that something is super awesome and we really want to do it and then we set it aside because we think people won't take us seriously if we tell them that's what we want to do? I think I do this a lot, but I'm going to share with you something that I really want to do and always talk about a version of this. Is the anticipation killing you? Get to the point already, Abby! Okay here it is. I always say how cool it would be to live in an Airstream and pick up and move whenever. Well luckily for me my career permits a smaller version of this. SUMMER. I will have my summer's free and I would like to spend my time traveling. I want to get one of these babies...

or a version of a mini camper that I can pull behind my car such as this one...

My dream is to get a hold of one of these and travel in the summer time and blog about all my adventures. Hopefully starting next summer. I am young, single, wild, and free so why shouldn't I do something like this while I can? Right? Who is with me on this? So, I hope I can find one within my budget, preferably an older vintage one. If anybody knows where I can find one of these let me know! I've been doing some research (not a lot yet) but any tips would be appreciated. I think by now the people who know me understand that I am not kidding when I say I want to do something extreme. I remember the reactions I got when I said I'm moving to Texas... like yeah right sure you are! Welp... I did! So this will be happening too, it's just a matter of time and $$.

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