Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Technology in the Classroom

Hi lovely followers! As many of you know I am a teacher in a low income area. A huge goal of mine for this year is to incorporate technology into the classroom on a daily basis. To do this I have set up a project on Donor's Choose. For those of you who don't know what it is here are the details. It is a site for teachers to post projects for their classrooms and generous people/companies fund the projects. Projects can be as small as basic classroom supplies or as big as asking for technology. I am specifically asking for an iPad, iPad case, and 3 sets of headphones.

The reason I am asking for these items for the classroom is to enhance the learning of my students. I want to motivate and engage them. I think it is important for students to be taught to be digital citizens and how to use technology that would be required in future careers. Some of the things we would be using the iPad for in the classroom include blogging, research, dictionary/thesaurus use, creating presentations/projects, classroom communication and much more. Below you will find the link for my Donor's Choose project. From now until August 25th any donation (up to 100) will be matched by Donor's Choose. Please help me fund this project and incorporate technology into the class starting at the beginning of the school year.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall Looks

If you haven't checked out Ruche or She Inside since the last time I posted a look collection you MUST. Both are fantastic and have great prices! These are just a few items I would love to add to my closet this fall.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

leave at 7 arrive home at 7... life lately

1. Bulletin board 
2. Word wall
3. Jewelry display 
4. Near and dear
5. My new macbook
6. Messy room + guitar (yes I've been playing)
8. Officially a Texan 
9. Long hair, I care :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Classroom Update

I spent this past Thursday afternoon in the classroom re-doing some things I didn't like from Wednesday. I literally had a mental break down because I hated what I put up. Thursday went a lot better. I am starting to feel like it is coming together how I want it. Thank God for Photoshop because I created a bunch of things for the class and it put my mind at ease. Today I want to show you what I created for my classroom.

I made numbers for the calendar below and labels for book series. I also made labels for supplies and plan to make more for other things. 

 I took down the purple fabric from the boards and replaced the one with left over chevron.
 We are required to have curtains for the low windows so I used the purple fabric.

After the changes I decided I was going to stay away from the room until next Wednesday when we start our meetings. There are many smaller things that still need to be finished but I have time.

Friday, August 9, 2013

my favorite place in the world


 When I was younger, lets say 10, I thought I needed to have a favorite place in the world. Why was this a thought? I guess for some reason I thought everyone had a favorite place in the world and when things got bad they could think of that place. So at the age of 10 how was I supposed to decide what was my favorite place? I hadn't seen much of the world except where I grew up. Well I still managed to find the place as a 10 year old. You see, across from my grandparent's house in a tiny town, there is a park. At this park there is a merry-go-round. I loved to lay flay on my back and spin and spin. Above me the blue sky and sun crept in and out of the branches of a giant tree. Or at the age of 10 what would have seemed giant.

My grandparents still live in this place and I have watched the park change as the years have gone by. I am fairly certain the merry-go-round is still there, but I'm not so sure about the tree. I don't know how, in that moment, I decided that was my favorite place. Was it the feeling of spinning and watching the world above me go round and round or maybe the bright sky and sunshine? I don't know exactly, but the memory of spinning so fast and thinking 'this is my favorite place in the world' still sticks.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Project Zone: Bedroom Style

Moving has taken its toll on my organization. My room is still not put together. I have yarn everywhere, sun hats lying on the floor, books piled on my desk, and an unmade bed. This room will be quite the project. I can't wait to figure out what I want to do with it. I'm too fickle to pick anything out. I'm always changing my ideas. So for now it will stay as is. If you have any good ideas please send them my way! Let me share with you my few decorations I do have.

Picture frame in blue. May need to change the color.

Jewelry display. Repainting it ASAP.

My LOVE. Best purchase EVER.

 Oh and check out these windows! Pretty sweet.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unsuccessful Day

Here it is... the mental break down! I feel as if I had the most unsuccessful day EVER. My classroom is quite the project and its totally overwhelming. I am queen of decoration and crafting but for some reason I can't put together my classroom the way I want it. I can't figure out what I want! There seems like so much space to fill and brighten and I want things to go together but I can't figure out how to make it work. I need one of those interior designers to come out and help. I think the major problem is my perfectionism. I want everything a specific way but when I have no idea what exactly that is it ends up a disaster. I can't believe I am even sharing these with you but here is the results of my unsuccessful day.

Board by my desk will be completely re-done ASAP. Hate it. 

The yellow wall is the only thing I love. Starting to wish I would have done it all with this fabric.

I like this chevron wall as well. You can't really tell its chevron from a far in the picture but below you can see what it looks like.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life Lately: finally a moment to catch up

Since I've been back in Houston I haven't had much time to just sit down and chill. Its been go-go-go. I can't wait to get into a routine and get back on here regularly. Everything is coming together here, but very slowly. Lots of decoration plans but with setting up for school it will be put on the back burner for awhile. I'm super excited to get going with the school year. I spent 4 hours in my classroom today cleaning and organizing. I plan to be there pretty much the rest of this week getting everything ready to go before I start in with meetings on Monday. I can't believe it is already here! Here is a visual of whats been going on in my life.

1. My room
2. Mi casa
3. New couch
4. Working out
5. Vintage quilt in Galveston
6. Vintage cameras in Galveston
7. Beautiful architecture in Galveston
8. Fresh fish market
9. Classroom 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I made it!

Hey y'all! I'm officially moved into my new home in Texas. Once I get all settled in the posts will become more regular again. Lack of internet doesn't help. I am excited to share all the happenings here in Texas with you through this next year. I'm sure I'll have lots of D.I.Y. posts coming your way since I just moved to a new place which needs some decoration love.

So unpacking is my new least favorite thing to do. Seriously somebody please come do this for me. I'm usually in a rush to unpack and get settled in but this time I'm procrastinating. Boxes just chillin in my room. Thanks plastic box for being my desk at this moment. Well I'm off to go spend more money to make my bedroom functional. Here is a sneak peak at the house. Can't wait to show you the inside decor!