Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Abby's Originals Give-Away

The winner of my blog contest is Lance McConnell!!

Thanks to all of you who have become followers of my blog! Please refer my blog page to your friends!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Featured Item

Glass Bead Pendant

My own creation

This pendant was handmade by me! I love to make jewelry (obviously) and I love to learn new skills. I decided to take a glass bead class at the Iowa State Workspace. It was a fantastic class! I learned how to make beautiful pendants of my own design. These beads are made out of rods of glass that you heat with a propane torch and wrap around a mandrel. It is amazing to see the neat things you can make. 

There are many different designs that you can make when making these glass beads. You can make different shapes, animals, lines, and much more! My favorite design is dots and layered dots. It is so fun to see how your colors react to each other. Sometimes you end up with a color that you didn't even use because of the reaction.

different colors of glass rods, this is how the glass bead starts

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chic Earring Display

Hi followers! 

I am going to share with you today my new earring display that I made. 

Here are the steps to making your own earring display from a picture frame:

picture frame
scrapbook paper


needle nose pliers

1. Start with a 8 x 10 (or which ever size you prefer) picture frame. 
(I chose off white because it goes with my new craft show table set up)

2. I took apart the picture frame and chose a piece of scrapbook paper. I cut the piece of paper to fit the inside of the picture frame. 

3. I cut three pieces of 20 gauge wire just a little longer than the length of the inside of the picture frame.

4. I took each piece of wire and laid it flat across the scrapbook paper and bent the extra wire around the edges of the paper and with my needle nose pliers pinched the wire hard to make it stay. I made three rows with the three wires.

5. I put the piece of scrapbook paper with the 3 rows of wire into the picture frame then put the back of the frame back on. Then I hung my earrings on the rows of wire. 

Follow these easy steps to make your own handmade display. It is simple and fun!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Follow to Win!

Become a follower of my blog to be entered to win this pair of sterling silver post earrings with double coin dark amethyst gemstones. 

Remember to keep checking back for more items and prizes! 
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Touch Of Summer

This three strand dyed jade necklace is so bright! It is such a great necklace to wear in the sun! Gorgeous pink, yellow, and blue jade with a sterling clasp. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Preview of my Workspace!

Abby's Originals Workspace

Hi everyone!

I have always wanted my very own workspace/craftroom. I imagine when I buy my own house having a craft room just for me and decorating it the way I want. It will be my "woman cave" you could say. I am a college student so if you can imagine how much space I have had in my first two years to make my jewelry, it wasn't very much. I lived in a dorm and then a sorority with very small rooms. I was usually cramped at my school desk trying to make best use of the space I did have to create my jewelry. So.... I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was when I found out I was going to move into a giant house! I recently moved into this giant house (well... giant for a college kid) with two roommates. The house conveniently has a GUEST BEDROOM or if you are a huge crafter, you automatically think CRAFT ROOM! I am very lucky to have such awesome roommates that were totally excited about me using a small section of the guest bedroom as my workspace. So I am here today to give you a sneak peak on where all the Abby's Originals magic happens. I am a proud renter (ha) of my own craft room!

Work Desk, where the magic happens

work desk with design board

nicely organized tools

supplies and design board


Here you see my jewelry all set up. I am working on making my new craft show set up!