Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Me in Saint Louis

 After a long week of LOTS of reading and homework I was able to take a weekend trip to St. Louis. I love taking small weekend trips! Especially when it involves seeing friends I haven't seen in forever. So here is a little re-cap of the weekend.

Things I LOVE about road trips: 
+ successfully unsuccessfully harmonizing to all my tunes on the iPod
+ thinking about life
+ twizzlers and combos, so healthy!
+ the company of my GPS
+ beautiful views (unless its Nebraska)

Things I HATE about road trips: 
+ getting ran off the road by semis... well... almost. (but it happens every time!) 
welp that sums up the hates. 

My favorite part of this weekend was going to the St. Louis Zoo! Also, eating all kinds of ethnic food. I'm a very sheltered person when it comes to food. I had Thai food, Indian food, and I tried sushi (not a fan). It was a pretty awesome weekend! I'll let the pictures describe the zoo.

Oh, and I even found a boyfriend! Check him out! 

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