Saturday, June 29, 2013

HGTV - Flea Market Flip

pic here

 Normally I'm not one to sit down and watch T.V. because I've gone with out it for too long and I would rather be doing other things. However, just the other day I sat down and flipped the darn thing on while crocheting (I'm seriously a regular old grandma). To my great surprise I found this HGTV show Flea Market Flip. Have you seen it?? Because you should. I was instantly ADDICTED. This show is hosted by Lara Spence, Good Morning America's Co-Anchor. The idea is that two interior design teams are given a $500 budget and set off in a flea market. Their goal is to find pieces to make 3 totally new projects of some sort of theme. I watched an episode where they had to make a light fixture, a coffee table, and a reimagine project. After they create their pieces they are set off again to sell them for a profit. Whichever team makes the largest profit wins $5,000! You all should go watch it now!

bed into a bench project from Roadside Rehab on an episode of FMF

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