Thursday, July 25, 2013

we need a movement // the self concept of young women

Self esteem issues have become very prevalent in today's young girls and women. Who is to blame for the lack of self esteem and self concept you ask? My opinion is that there are many factors, but the biggest being our society. That is correct, I said it. Our very own society. Just take a minute to observe what the world around you tells us females to be. There are so many rules and guidelines that are expected to be followed to "fit it." Magazines portray mainly tall skinny women with evident cheek bones and clear skin. Is that what we truly believe beauty is? Now think about what is laid out before us in media about women and sexuality... if you take a walk down a magazine aisle or hop on the internet you will see many images with titles telling us that this image is the image of a sexy woman. I can understand the 'want' to feel sexy at times but when this is what young girls and women are being exposed to they start comparing themselves. Is it human nature for us to compare ourselves to others? Where did that even come from? Some of you who are reading this may think "the media doesn't change my self concept," however, many young girls are not fully aware of who they are yet and they are very much so affected by what society tells them.

I believe we need to stand up and fight back against what society tells us is acceptable for women to be. If we were all to fall into place with these "rules" where would individuality go? I don't see the need to compare ourselves to each other because we were all created differently. We all have a separate purpose. We all were created perfectly. God made no mistake in creating his people. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and I truly think for the young women struggling on a daily basis with their self concept and self esteem we need to be the strong ones for them. So this I ask of you... reach out to somebody who could use the extra boost. Talk to your daughters, nieces, sisters, or whoever may need to be reached. We need a movement in this country. Start with your family and friends. Don't let this issue continue to go unnoticed. 

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