Monday, July 15, 2013

Macarons & Kayaks

Now that I'm officially done with my classes every day is like the weekend! Yay! Sorry to all who go back to the daily grind of work on this lovely Monday. I know you're probably bummed but look on the bright side... you GET to be employed. That is huge. Anyway let me share with you my weekend. It started on Thursday. I jumped in the ol' focus, as every weekend story starts, and drove 2 hours to Iowa City to see my best frann, Abby.

We went to the beach, or what we consider a beach here in the land of corn, and caught reflected some rays. We enjoyed dinner and drinks downtown on an outside patio. Well... I enjoyed a drink with the others but Abby forgot her I.D. Classic move.

I got to hang out with this adorable child on Friday. This is Abby's nephew. So basically my nephew. LOVE HIM. We danced and I made up songs to sing to him. Oh, and we hung out with Sponge Bob for a bit too.

Then I got my hair chopped off. Like 6 inches. That's life changing. I think I lost like 5 pounds just from the haircut.

We went to the farm where my second family lives. We grilled out and had a bonfire. Abby and I attempted camping outside but we freaked ourselves out from all the noises. We decided that it would be best to sleep in the house. I know... we are babies.

We kayaked. We know we look so fresh in this pic. Thanks for noticing too. Kayaking is a seriously awesome workout. Try it. You'll like it.

We then visited this adorable bakery. If you live in Iowa City. Go there. Its great! On Friday, while Abby was working, I was craving a macaron. Which its kind of impossible to crave something you've never tried. But it happened. I was dying to try one. Apparently I'm sheltered when it comes to food. So I googled macarons in Iowa City. Found the Deluxe Bakery. We figured it was what our bodies wanted after our work out ;)

Hazelnut Latte. HOLY YUM.

We ate HUGE pizzas & did weird things (as pictured) with our favorite friend Seth

This night was weird. Probably another blog post to describe the audacity of people at bars. Get prepared. 

I hope your weekend was a blast!

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