Thursday, July 18, 2013

audacity of the bar folk

throw back pic
Okay guys here it is as promised. If you read my post about my weekend in Iowa City you will know why this was promised. If not... basically this post is happening because of the extremely weird night I had. It all started with a planned night out in Iowa City. Abby and I were going to meet with our good friend Seth who was back from North Carolina. We all met downtown kind of early so it wasn't hoppin' yet. We did some bar patio time and then it started to get real. And by real I mean... REAL CRAZY. I'm not sure that I have seen as many crazies out in one night as I did that night. Holy get yourself together please. Seth and I, as Abby was flirting it up ;), were people watching. We walked into one bar and on the dance floor there was a girl dancing with her tongue out. Seth's reaction "WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO LICK? I see no lollipops here!" Seriously girl. Put your tongue in your mouth. We continued people watching and Seth and I broke out our dance moves on the floor. You know that ones were you move your feet in a shuffle and do the jive. Yep. We fit in real well. Then we proceeded to do some sort of dance that involved holding hands and shuffling from right to left then back. We cleared the dance floor. Everyone was watching... okay that may be a stretch! I don't think a single soul noticed us.

At one point I was standing in the long hallway where you walk in and this guy comes up to me and proceeds to say, "Girl, you are so beautiful. God bless yo mama!" HAHAHA. I about died laughing. Thank you kind sir. But that line will not work on anyone. 

Later in the night Seth and I were sitting at a table once again people watching. Out the window we saw many strange things. There was what was believed to be a bachelor party dressed in the same attire: light blue cargo shorts and bright yellow tops. Well one of those guys had ended up taking off his shirt and putting his head between his knees. Why he had to take off his shirt was a mystery to me. Then right next to him was another guy with his shirt pulled up and his pants were literally almost falling off. WHATS WITH ALL THE SHIRTS OFF? I mean really?

All in all the night was pretty hilarious. 

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