Tuesday, July 9, 2013

tuesday ramblings

Today is one of those days where the only reason I would want to get out of bed is for coffee. Even though I'm currently sleeping on an air mattress again, I still wanted to stay in it all day. Even if I'm not sleeping there's just something about a cloudy morning that brings on a blah feeling. Those feelings are better worked out in the comfort of a sea of blankets and pillows. However, I did get out of bed to go to school and do my daily life things. Like drink coffee. Hello, my name is Abby and I am a coffee addict. Hey at least I admit it right? They say that's the first step. I think I'm beyond help with this addiction. Oh well!

So I have a cold... in July! Seriously?? This is ridiculous. I AM that girl sniffling behind you that you want to turn around and smack. Sorry boutcha. I did overload on vitamin C the other day in the hopes that it would kill the cold. Well I think it helped a bit. I've had worse colds.

This is the last week of my graduate classes. Thank heavens! This class has been super helpful but a lot of work. Its summer, I mean c'mon, who wants homework every night? NOT ME. Well I'm officially done with all my assignments. Tomorrow is my last day and I just have to listen to people present. I already did that and got an A. BOOM.

I have only 21 days left in the good state of Iowa before I go back to the heat of Texas. It will be bittersweet. I am beyond words excited about having my own classroom and what this school year has in store for me, but I'll be beyond words sad about leaving all my family. Lets face it they are pretty much the only people I hang out with now a days. Feeling friendless in Ames. Most everybody has already left me. Well since we are on the topic of Texas here is my Texas Adventure To-Do List:

1. Visit Austin (and probably never return to Houston)
2. Go to a Dynamo game or 10
3. Join some fitness clubs of some sort running, biking, whatevs
4. Go to Saint Arnolds Brewery
5. Expand my photography- hopefully launch a small business
6. Re-visit San Antonio - get some more river walk action
7. Bike the MS 150 from Houston to Austin
8. Change the lives of my students
9. Visit NASA

I'm sure this list will continue to expand. These are some of the things that I didn't get to before I moved home for the summer. Now that I am living there permanently I shall do all things Texas. Oh and I'll probably buy cowboy boots too. Judge me if you must my city friends.

Well everyone I think I've rambled enough. Sorry about the lack of transitions in my writing today. I think the title warned you though. If you made it this far in the post I'm high-fiving you! (imagine an air high five here) Until next time loves.

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