Monday, August 12, 2013

Classroom Update

I spent this past Thursday afternoon in the classroom re-doing some things I didn't like from Wednesday. I literally had a mental break down because I hated what I put up. Thursday went a lot better. I am starting to feel like it is coming together how I want it. Thank God for Photoshop because I created a bunch of things for the class and it put my mind at ease. Today I want to show you what I created for my classroom.

I made numbers for the calendar below and labels for book series. I also made labels for supplies and plan to make more for other things. 

 I took down the purple fabric from the boards and replaced the one with left over chevron.
 We are required to have curtains for the low windows so I used the purple fabric.

After the changes I decided I was going to stay away from the room until next Wednesday when we start our meetings. There are many smaller things that still need to be finished but I have time.

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