Monday, June 4, 2012

Wonderhand {Etsy Artist}

Happy Monday my lovely readers! Today I am really excited to introduce you to an Etsy shop called Wonderhand which as they say is the wonderland of handmades. As you may have noticed I have been doing Etsy artist features every Monday for a few weeks now and I have had some great artists. I am especially thrilled to bring this Etsy artist to you today because I feel strongly about the idea behind their business and I think you will too!

We are a young team of people from Istanbul, Turkey. Wonderhand consists of 3 professionals who hold different marketing jobs. Two of us knew each other from high school, then we met the other. We share our passion for fashion and combined it with marketing and voila! Here is Wonderhand.

There’s no concrete job description among the team but of course as in every team, we eventually do what we like and what we can do well. One of us has a double degree in fashion design and economy, so after we make a wish list, she gathers everything together and sketches the dresses. And the others follow the production process, marketing and branding ideas. This all happened naturally and everyone seems to be very happy with what she is doing and contributes to any process at any time.

How did your business get started? 

As citizens of huge cities and mass consumption, we wanted to design our clothes besides our day jobs. The whole designing and making process made us so excited and happy, we decided to share them with the rest of the world. We wanted to call it Wonderhand, because thinking about dresses; colours and playing with yarns became our ‘wonderland’ in the middle of this hectic place called ‘earth’.

How did you pick the craft of knitting?

Knitting had always been a part of the house when we were growing up... And around the time we were teenagers we thought it was ‘uncool’. However, by the time we understood the importance of handmade, we got interested in it and were fascinated with the idea of being able to design and make our own clothes. So we went to our mothers again, whom they learned the craft of knitting from their own mothers. 

What is your favorite material to work with?

We have different choices, for example P. likes to work with colourful yarns, regardless of the material. R. likes natural yarns, wool being her favourite. Z. likes playful ones, the ones with texture. 

What are some of your favorite items you have made?
From our winter season Provocateur is one of them: 

And the lovely Siren

We especially like how these two give an energetic feeling to cloudy winter days.

And from the summer collection our faves are

Simple yet elegant Drop:


How did you decide to open an Etsy shop?

We were designing the clothes for our selves and friends and we always had so many nice feedback from people who saw the clothes on us. We wanted to sell them, without taking it to a mas consumption level and we started looking for platforms and we found Etsy and set up our shop.

Just a few more photos: 


 The lovely team of Wonderhand has generously given all of you a 20% discount code for their shop! The discount lasts for one week from this post date. Code:  INFINITEDISCALL20

To go to Wonderhand's shop click here

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