Sunday, June 24, 2012

this is what it is supposed to be like

(photo credit: Molly Johnson)

After wasting two precious days of my vacation on my death bed. Thursday morning I woke up magically (almost) 100% cured of my sickness! I spent my Thursday shopping with my aunt and sister at the outlet mall where I found many treasures. Mostly in the Nike store. I would live in Nike attire if I felt that I would truly be accepted in every situation. After a day of shopping we spent Friday lounging around where I continued to read the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I have barely put the books down. Saturday proved to be very appealing as well. We spent the morning at my cousin's soccer practice and then up in the mountains we went for a beautiful hike. It was such a beautiful day (although on the warm side). The hike was very rewarding. After being trapped in a car and then sick for the following two days it was so refreshing to get my body moving in a challenging way. I thrive for a challenge. At the top of our hike there was a gorgeous lake and a snow top mountain. We enjoyed dipping our feet in the freezing cold water and then continued climbing up higher into the snow. However, it was slippery and my shoes were not going to hold out for that. To my entertainment a group of probably college age guys came climbing up after us with their skis with all intentions of making their way all the way up and then back down on their skis. They were determined, beer in hand, to climb to the top. As you can imagine how entertaining that would be! They tempted us with tequila to follow. They had me at tequila ;). Buuuuut... we had to get moving on and back down the mountain we went. After the beautiful day of nature we headed to Idaho Springs to get some Beau Jo's Pizza. Which is quite like Great Plains (in Ames). Where you get thick crust pizza and dip it in honey after you eat the pizza part. All in all I would say it has been a great past few days and I thought that I would share it with you as I sit here and watch the England vs. Italy soccer game. Go England!

Here are some pics: 

photo credit: Molly Johnson + her iPhone


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  2. wow, looks like a postcard!