Wednesday, June 13, 2012

update on my life

It has been awhile since I have posted something about what is going on with me. So I figured I would give you all an update. The past few weeks have been pretty great! I celebrated my 21st birthday May 30th with some really great friends. It was a memorable birthday for sure. Some of the things I experienced my birthday week included getting margaritas and chips and queso (one of my favorite things to do!) and also my friend and I hit up the local wine bar. It was really neat! We tasted so many different wines and I found that I actually like some of them.

pink champagne cupcakes from my birthday

This past weekend I got to spend some time with some of my high school friends at a bachelorette party. Then the day after that I headed to a family reunion. I literally know 10 people at every family reunion and I always get so excited about family reunions only to be let down because I don't know anyone. I have no idea why I think it will be different every time.

Other than my birthday and spending time with friends and family I have been working like a crazy woman to save for my trip to Colorado. I leave this coming Monday and my sister and I are road tripping. We are staying out there for three weeks with my Aunt and Uncle. (they don't have any daughters, they are in for a treat ;) ) I am very excited to spend time out there. Hopefully I will get to do a lot of outdoorsy stuff!

Also, if you didn't see my life via instagram post already I have been doing a lot of crafting in my free time. When I am not at work I am usually at home in my craft room coming up with something to entertain me.

rosette headbands


  1. lovely blog! found you via chasing sunshine! it's so awesome that you still see your high school friends :)

  2. Love the rosettes! I didn't even know you could make champagne cupcakes. Which just goes to show how much I know haha. I'm your newest follower! Let's be blog friends?