Saturday, May 12, 2012

summer thus far

Well my first week of summer has come and gone. It has been one full of relaxation and adventures. I had the pleasure of enjoying a lot of sleeping in, naps, and movies early on in the week. After a few days of pure relaxation I revved it up a bit and enjoyed a 40 mile bike ride and some sand volleyball with some good friends. I also indulged in some lawn work which kept me busy for a few hours. It has been a beautiful past few days and I am excited to see what other adventures I take part in this summer. I hope to do a lot more bike riding and add in some hiking, camping, and road tripping. I already have plans to head to Colorado mid June through the beginning of July then hopefully California from early August to mid August. Hopefully all turns out as planned. I would love to hear of your summer plans...

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