Wednesday, May 9, 2012

let yourself feel everything

Something I have been thinking about a lot recently is letting yourself feel everything. I am the type of person who feels everything to the extreme whether it be sadness, anger, or happiness. For the longest time I would try my best to cover up all my feelings because I was afraid of them, however there was always a slight nagging in the back of my mind from all that I tried to cover up. My new theory on feelings is that it is good to let yourself feel them all. Especially sadness. It is good to just simply curl up and let the wave of unhappy feelings consume you. If you continue to push them away then you are never really dealing with them and you will never overcome what is on your heart. I have been told many times to find something to keep my mind off what I am feeling, but I don't want to be afraid of sadness. I think that by letting it consume me for small amounts of time that I am ridding myself of it.

On a lighter note... can't help but smile at this cute face! 

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  1. Yes! Years ago when I was overcoming so really challenging situations I would often tell myself, "Fell your feelings" and my friends and I would begin to remind each other this. Feelings are what make life so interesting and dynamic!