Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Married Life

Today I've officially been married to the most loving guy for an entire month. Hehe. The wedding was perfect and it feels like it was just yesterday. Time has seriously just flown! We expected our lives to slow down after the wedding since we would no longer be driving back and forth from the suburbs to downtown Houston to see each other. Except life has not slowed down at all! It keeps getting crazier! I guess thats what happens when two busy bees marry each other. In the weeks since we have been married we have hosted my bestie and her boyfriend for Memorial Day weekend fun, decorated our adorbs home, celebrated my 24th birthday with friends and pizza, finished teaching 5th grade, and I took a trip to Atlanta. We've been learning a lot about each other in these past few weeks that we didn't know prior to living together and I'm sure we'll never stop learning about each other! Up next on our summer agenda is for me to finish summer grad classes (end of June), hopefully my parents will be visiting, lots of pool days, Albania mission trip, honeymoon, and then prepare for school again in August. We are so excited for our summer plans but it will go too fast. I plan to soak up each moment and some sun ;) maybe I'll get a tan! (or more freckles) Here is life lately via photos...

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