Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Beginning

Welcome to infinite illumination. I have been inspired to take my blog in a different direction. This blog has changed from the Abby's Originals blog to a blog about inspiration and my journey. My jewelry business will still be part of this blog because it is an important inspiring part of my life.

It is at that moment when you realize everything is lining up in your life that you come to terms that you no longer need to worry about the future. It is important to focus on today and let yesterday be a thing of the past. I have been inspired everyday by the beautiful life around me. I have made it my goal to continue to try new things and take every opportunity I get to do something that will amaze me.

Infinite illumination? Where does this name come from? The literal meaning is endless light. These two words put together have a very important meaning in my life; that I am living in the light of inspiration. I continually find inspiration around me and it is incredibly amazing and humbling. I hope to shed some light on the things that inspire me and hopefully inspire you to inspire others. <3

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