Sunday, January 4, 2015

See ya 2014, Hello 2015!

As I enter 2015 I look back on 2014 and praise God for all the blessings and answered prayers. 2014 was (according to my hopes) the year of love, travel, coffee, and (almost) knitting. I fell in love with a wonderful man of God who became my fiancé! I traveled to Albania and Italy where I was able to spread the Word of God to some wonderful people I now call friends. Of course I drank a ton ton ton of coffee. However, I didn't quite get the knitting in too much. (Crochet all the way!) I am beyond blessed with all the change that came from the year 2014.

As I kicked off the new year with a 5 mile run I was thinking about my list of goals for 2015. We make goals each year and we dream and try to accomplish many of them but sometimes as the year comes in to full swing we get bogged down with the daily routine of life. So instead of just simply making a list of goals for 2015 I will be making an action plan to bring these goals to life. I will have weekly goals that will help me reach my bigger goals. I'm excited to enter this year of 2015 and to see how my life will change throughout this year. So much changed in the year of 2014 and I can't even imagine what will come of 2015 but I know God has a wonderful plan for my life so I will live it day to day taking in each and every moment.

2015 Goals: 

Spend more time in the Word
Become a more innovative teacher
Run half marathon
Run 5 smaller races
Become a wife- a really good one
Serve more in my local community 
Learn calligraphy
Complete 3 harder DIY projects
Blog more
Double the amount of photo sessions from last year
Stay fit

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