Tuesday, January 20, 2015

100 + days to go & my life lately

January is almost over which means there's just a little over 100 days until I get hitched! Wowza! Time sure flies! Wedding planning is becoming more stressful as it gets closer. Although its not terrible. There are so many "what to do" for wedding planning blog posts but I can pretty much sum it up in one sentence word.


Yep, she's the best. She's totally killing this whole wedding planning thing. Props to Moms!

In other news I gave up sugar. (well mostly) Since January 5th I have been not eating sugar. By that I mean I'm not intentionally eating sugar. If its in a granola bar... whatever. What I'm not doing is grabbing for the candy bar, cookies, or cupcakes. It's been pretty good so far. The first few days were the worst. I felt like I was dying. But I didn't.

On the work front... Teaching is going well. 55 of my kiddos improved their test scores from the last test we took and we scored a 73% passing average as a team. THIS IS HUGE NEWS. Seriously, we went from like a high 40's average to 73. Huge improvement! I am so proud of my hard working 5th graders. Just pray for me to keep my patience the second half of the year! (and my sanity)

I hope everybody has a fantastic week! The weekend is right around the corner ;)

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