Saturday, January 12, 2013

home, home on the ranch

well howdy y'all here is a little update from my life lately! its official my new home is in Texas! it has been quite an adventurous week with moving and saying good-bye and adjusting to what i like to call a-hole driving. i sent off my best frann today back home so that was very sad, luckily i have some fun roomies here though! here is a small summary of how my past week went:
sunday: said good-bye to the family and got in the car and drove to the Texas border
monday: drove to my new casa and moved in
tuesday: explored!
wednesday: explored!
thursday: met my co-op teacher and went to the zoo!
friday: went to Galveston ate a 1/2 lb. burger - WOW...thought i was going to DIE! (totally not worth it) checked out some local hot spots around the area. super classy!
saturday: cried my eyes out before 7 a.m. at the airport, slept, shopped, got internet!

so thats a wrap! :) here are some sweet pictures of some random stuff from this week!... okay so mostly of the zoo! love the zoo! check back for more updates on my life in Texas soon!

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