Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hopes. dreams. disappointments.

Last Saturday my friend and I were taking photos of each other and just being plain funny. This picture represents the happiness that is with in me. It is inspiring me to find it again. I don't feel this happiness right now but that is the purpose of this picture. To remind me.

Sunday I was blind sided by a break up with the guy I have been in love with for almost two years. It was like a smack in the face. However, I will not let this break my spirit. I have grown into someone beautiful and independent the past 6 months and I will continue to grow. It doesn't mean that I can just snap out of my sadness it doesn't mean that this won't hurt for a long while. But I know with all my supporting friends and family that I will be okay. I WILL BE OKAY.

I am grateful for the past two years and as much as it kills me to say that because every time I do the reality that it is no longer sets in. I wouldn't give it all back because life is about taking those chances and loving with all of your heart. If you don't then you are not truly living and I truly want to be living not just existing. The road right in front of me is full of a lot of sadness but I am going to figure out what my big dreams are and take the time now to follow them. I hope it includes some big plans for this summer. But for now I am focusing on today.

I sometimes say that I wish I had a book of answers because it seems like that would be easier. However, I know that life's answers are found within the journeys, trials, tears, and laughter of life. No matter how hard it is I will pick myself up and continue on through my journey and one day I will see a reason to the heartache.


  1. So sorry to hear about your breakup! I'm glad you have such a positive outlook during such a rough time :)

  2. Sorry about the break up :/ Though in my opinion [just from reading this blog post] I think you are looking at it with the right attitude.

    Somewhat random, but I just happened to stumble across your blog and I'm happy to have found another iowa blogger...esp. a red head!

    keep your head up and good luck. :)


  3. So sorry Abby, Hold your head high see beyond that road of saddness because that is where your happiness is.

  4. Sweet girl, that is such a painful road to walk - I understand what it's like to experience that kind of heartache. I pray the Lord gives you peace and comfort in this time!

  5. Abby I just read this and I am so very proud of you. Love MOM