Thursday, March 29, 2012

do you GNOME who this is??

Okay so on a lighter note from yesterdays post I would like to share with you what happened to me last night. I was getting ready for bed and so I went downstairs to get some water, turn all the lights off, and lock all the doors. As soon as I got back upstairs to my bedroom the door bell rings a bunch of times and I thought ooops maybe I had locked  my roomie outside. So I went to open the door and I was a little freaked out because I was home alone. (which I HATE) So I opened the door to find a garden gnome sitting on the front step. I opened the door and grabbed it. It had 3 notes on it that said 1) guess who? 2) I see you! 3) Lets play gnome games. TALK ABOUT CREEPY! So I was trying to figure out who did it and I thought well it totally has to be the boys that live right next to us. So I waited about 15 minutes and my roomies both came home. I told them what happened and so we decided to try to freak the boys out. We put the gnome in the window that faced their house and turned off all the lights and put a strobe light on it. how mature... :p Anyway we can see them through their living room window and for like 30 minutes we are trying to get their attention and we failed to do so. So one of my roomies played ding dong ditch to try to get their attention. STILL NO REACTION. So if you can imagine our disappointment :(

So... little did we know it actually wasn't the boys on the other side of the fence... HOW EMBARRASSING! I ended up talking to one of them on Facebook to see if they did it. It ended up that no, they had not. They also saw my roomie run and ring their doorbell and they wondered why we had a strobe light on... however, they did not see the gnome. So obviously we failed at scaring the neighbors. I guess we need to step up our game!

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  1. Ahahaha. I have a creepy fascination with gnomes. This post is great.