Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Featured Item

Glass Bead Pendant

My own creation

This pendant was handmade by me! I love to make jewelry (obviously) and I love to learn new skills. I decided to take a glass bead class at the Iowa State Workspace. It was a fantastic class! I learned how to make beautiful pendants of my own design. These beads are made out of rods of glass that you heat with a propane torch and wrap around a mandrel. It is amazing to see the neat things you can make. 

There are many different designs that you can make when making these glass beads. You can make different shapes, animals, lines, and much more! My favorite design is dots and layered dots. It is so fun to see how your colors react to each other. Sometimes you end up with a color that you didn't even use because of the reaction.

different colors of glass rods, this is how the glass bead starts


  1. That looks like fun. Where do you purchase the glass rods? BTW, your pendant is cool :)

  2. I actually get my glass from the workspace at Iowa State University. Which is where I took my class. Since I am a college student and it doesn't work very well for me to make them in my house so I can go to the workspace, which is a workshop where you can work on different projects. They have all the materials and tools there I just have to buy the glass from them. You can buy glass rods at