Monday, July 18, 2011

Chic Earring Display

Hi followers! 

I am going to share with you today my new earring display that I made. 

Here are the steps to making your own earring display from a picture frame:

picture frame
scrapbook paper


needle nose pliers

1. Start with a 8 x 10 (or which ever size you prefer) picture frame. 
(I chose off white because it goes with my new craft show table set up)

2. I took apart the picture frame and chose a piece of scrapbook paper. I cut the piece of paper to fit the inside of the picture frame. 

3. I cut three pieces of 20 gauge wire just a little longer than the length of the inside of the picture frame.

4. I took each piece of wire and laid it flat across the scrapbook paper and bent the extra wire around the edges of the paper and with my needle nose pliers pinched the wire hard to make it stay. I made three rows with the three wires.

5. I put the piece of scrapbook paper with the 3 rows of wire into the picture frame then put the back of the frame back on. Then I hung my earrings on the rows of wire. 

Follow these easy steps to make your own handmade display. It is simple and fun!

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