Friday, March 14, 2014

The Johnson's go to Houston 2014

How Language Artsy of me to make a Watson go to Birmingham-like title. Did you expect anything less?? My parents aka The Johnson's came to Houston to visit me for spring break!! I've officially lived in H-town for a year and the rents decided it was time to come for a visit together. Thank God they did because before they arrived my apartment really needed some TLC. Well... mainly my room. And TLC it received. Thanks Mom and Dad!! :) Heres a recap of the trip in a few photos!

A Day in Galveston 

I'm on a boat! 

Gotta have that outfit photo

Rodeo. It's a MUST. 

Yes she's my sister ;)

Of course we went to the brewery! 


Not at pretty as ISU campus but still pretty UST 

Did I mention I have the GREATEST PARENTS EVER?!!??!!? BECAUSE I DO:)

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