Saturday, January 18, 2014

Open Doors


Wow. God is great. Let me just let you in on what happened in my week. Actually lets narrow it down to about 36 hours in my week. I got into grad school and started in the same day... Let me back up a few steps to fill you in. Lately I have been feeling a bit purpose-less. I know you're probably thinking WHAT you moved away so you could be a teacher in Houston to help kids and you feel purposeless? Well, not entirely. I have always been working toward a goal in my life the biggest one being getting a career for the sole purpose of glorifying God by helping others. Yes, I do believe I am doing that with my career in teaching however, I feel that there is another purpose for me that has been on my heart for a while. Counseling. Time and time again my friends call me up and ask for my advice and then ask me when did you become so wise and where does your strength come from? God. Enough said. 

As I graduated with my undergrad in elementary education I thought to myself that I would like to go on to get my masters someday but I continued to think now is not the right time lets give it a few years. Then as I began my first year in teaching the topic of going to school to become a counselor kept coming up. So, I began looking around December for colleges I could attend and started to think about applying. I had narrowed it down to a school in the Houston area after being displeased by the lack of being able to get into contact with another school. The past two weeks I've been getting information on the school and planned out a time to take my GRE. 

As this week began one of my co-workers told me about the program she was about to start and I was interested in getting more information so I emailed the school and quickly received a response. They told me had I emailed a few days before I could have probably started this semester but not to worry I could start in August. Me, being the jump right in kinda girl, emailed back asking if there was ANY WAY POSSIBLE for me to begin this semester. (Which would have been Thursday night and I emailed this Wednesday night). Sure enough I received an email back Thursday morning with the response of "if you can get these things (app, transcript, registration, fees) to me by 10am today then your file might have a chance of getting reviewed and accepted today." Oh, did I mention I read this email at 930am while I was at work? Yep! So I scrambled and got all the items I need as fast as I could back to the college and was told I would know before class that night. Can you imagine my anxiousness all day?? Just before the end of the day I received and email with acceptance to the program! WOW.

After the initial "I'm so excited!" dance I thought whaaaaaaat did I just commit to? I didn't even fully think this through and analyze every aspect of the situation. Then I thought God clearly opened the door in that moment for a reason. HERES YOUR SIGN. I begin this new journey at the University of St. Thomas in Houston for my Masters of Education in school counseling with a heart filled with gratitude! I am so excited for all that is to come! 

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