Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest Post: Go Cyclones!

Hello, my name is Allison and I blog at Allison Ramsing .  Abby and I met at Iowa State University when Abby joined Alpha Omicron Pi.  Thank you again for the opportunity to post on your blog today Abby! 

For any of Abby’s readers who went to Iowa State or live in Iowa you probably know it’s the week of the Iowa State/Iowa game or as Iowa State fans know it as “Beat Iowa” week.  Therefore, when Abby asked me to do write a fashion post I knew that I wanted to do a post on gameday attire.  As I’m working on this post the expected high for the day of the game is 75 degrees (according to weather.com), but that could very well change as the week goes on.  So if these outfits don’t inspire you for this weekend’s gameday weather then wait until another week in the season and you’ll still be a “fashionable Cyclone.”

This first outfit is simple and spirited.  Most Cyclone fans own at least one Iowa State t-shirt and many
will wear their “Beat Iowa” t-shirt to this game.  My “Beat Iowa” t-shirt is in Iowa, so I’m wearing my
favorite Iowa State t-shirt.  Wear an Iowa State t-shirt of your choice, jeans, and tennis shoes and you’re ready to tailgate and watch the game.

This next outfit is for the fashionable Cyclone.  I majored in Apparel Merchandising, Design, and
Production (what is now known as Apparel, Merchandising, and Design).  Many of my classmates didn’t wear Iowa State t-shirts to the games, they used their creativity to turn everyday attire into a Cyclone
spirited outfit.  To re-create this outfit yourself pick items from your closet that are red and yellow, that pair well together and you’re ready to walk campus and find MacKay Hall before you enter Jack Trice Stadium.


 Since the game starts at 5:00 (central time) you may want to bring a lightweight zip-up or jacket with you
to remain comfortable throughout the entire game.  In this outfit I’m ready for the temperature changes as
the sun goes down.

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