Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hello Ames... nice to meet you again

Well, I'm finally home and mostly settled back in. Even though I came home last Thursday, I really haven't been home. I am missing the beautiful mountains of Colorado and the fun outdoor life full of opportunity. I guess I'll have to settle for Ada Hayden or the bike trail here in Ames Iowa. It has been a hectic last few days. As soon as I got home on Thursday night Abby and I had already made plans to see some friends. Then Friday we went to the beach with the same friends. Clearly I was putting off unpacking and laundry and all those things you have to do when you're living on your own. Saturday and Sunday were just as crazy because I attended a wedding and a family reunion. Can you imagine how tired I was after all of this?? Buuut that is not all... yesterday I had to go to work. I literally almost fell asleep standing up. Thankfully I only had to work two and a half hours because we were not at all busy. Needless to say I took a very long nap yesterday afternoon. Now here I am today feeling refreshed and ready to get back to my routine. I have three weeks until my next adventure. I will be road tripping to California! Which means for the next three weeks all I get to do is work, work, work!!

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