Saturday, September 6, 2014

Warby Parker: Fall Line

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Warby Parker, Y'all

Warby Parker has just released their Fall 2014 line! This company was built on the idea of creating affordable eyewear for you, the consumer, and to help others around the country with limited access to vision! What does that mean? Limited access to vision? I mean that many people have lack of good vision simply because they can't afford ridiculously high priced corrective wear! Warby Parker's nonprofits train people around the word how to give eye exams and sell glasses at affordable prices. Why not just donate glasses? This is where I think Warby Parker is incredibly brilliant. 

"It’s a sticky fact of life that kind-hearted gestures can have unintended consequences. Donating is often a temporary solution, not a lasting one. It can contribute to a culture of dependency. It is rarely sustainable. Instead of donating, our partners train men and women to sell glasses for ultra-affordable prices, which allows them to earn a living. More important, it forces our partners to offer glasses that people actually want to buy: glasses that fit with local styles, look good, work well, and make the wearer feel incredible.
Because everyone wants to feel incredible."     -via

Warby Parker's vision is to create a situation where other's around the world can become sustained through learning how to be part of the Warby Parker team.

I was only asked to do a style post however, when I read up and heard testimonies on this company I couldn't help but be inclined to tell the vision behind the company. I would encourage you to check them out and get your next pair of spectacles from their amazing company!

This is my favorite frame and goes perfectly with this Fall outfit!

Here are some more of my favorite styles!

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