Thursday, June 12, 2014

the thing about pain...

**Disclaimer... this post gives away important information about the book and movie The Fault in Our Stars. Read on if you're okay with that. 

I've never seen a more book fulfilling movie than The Fault in Our Stars. Completely spot on and anything that was left out did not make a major impact on the overall effect, in my opinion.

The realization came like this... In the center of a theater, with silent tears streaming down my face, I listened to a crowd of strangers sob as Hazel watched her love, Augustus Waters, die of cancer. Augustus was the symbol to many of us in the audience of someone significant in our lives that has been lost. The tears that fell and the cries that muffled out in that theater spoke clearly to me. Not a single life has been untouched by the pain of losing somebody to cancer. Whether it be somebody known through association or somebody very close. {That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt} I won't speak about my grandma or my grandpa that I just lost because I can't. But the silent connection that filled the theater was a reminder that we are not alone in our loss. God has a beautiful way of showing us light in a dark situation through connections with other human life. Even though pain demands to be felt, we don't have to isolated in our sorrows. Beautiful connections come out of unfortunate situations. I think August and Hazel Grace did a wonderful job of portraying that to us in their battle with cancer.

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