Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Day in the Life of State Testing

 Knock, knock, and the sound of the class door handle shaking. "You know I don't have morning duty today student please go where you're supposed to," I thought to myself as I looked up to see a pair of tear filled eyes. "Miss, I'm so scared for this test!" Instant comforting mode, I willingly motioned for the student to come to my desk. "Say I'm going to pass my test 50 times and the last time you have to yell it!' I responded back, "Say it like you mean it. Believe in yourself because I believe in you."

Twenty-one bright eyed students, 21 sharpened #2 pencils, 21 state tests. State testing day was here! Man oh man! You have to do this, make sure to do that, please do this and don't forget to fill in the bubbles. The instructions were read. "You may begin!" I stated with all the excitement I could muster up in the hopes that the students would mirror my attitude about their test.

Half hour in and the eyelids started to droop. Walking up and down the aisles monitoring each and every sleepy child. One hour in. A collection of students with eyes glazed over and peering at the recently blank walls trying to gather more energy to conquer the next questions. Pacing back in forth in the classroom my mind went from prayers to student nicknames to what animal would each student be to what should I do with my classroom next year. Eyes peering at the clock to monitor the time... really? Only one minute has passed!? Oh there goes another administrator through the courtyard! Man I could use some minutes outside these four walls.

DING DING DING! 21 pairs of eyes instantly shot up to glance at me for any signs that it was time to go to lunch. Less than 35 days left of school and knowingly what our schedule is it never failed, each time the bell rang 21 eyes shot up in anticipation and hope that the clock had fast forwarded another hour.

Finally lunch came and surprisingly went with a sense of slowed time. I guess that since the clock was moving extra slow this particular day that the plus side was that lunch seemed to last forever. Back to the classroom we walked. Through the courtyards we walked in silence. Glancing around monitoring students I saw some guilty looks as students tried to whisper a simple something to one another without getting caught on the day of silence.

Forty five more minutes... I can do this I thought to myself. Without a doubt the last forty five minutes drug on and on and on. The last hand raised, the last test turned back in, the last bubble filled out. I survived my first year of state testing!

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