Wednesday, November 21, 2012

oh the holidays! - i hope you remember

as we come up on the holidays i hope that everyone can remember what it is truly all about. last weekend i was browsing through the mall just killing some time before i had to volunteer at the hospital and i was so amazed at how many people were running around the mall with 15+ bags in their arms. the stores are opening before thanksgiving is even over for black friday thursday. i agree that it is fun to buy gifts for those that are close to you, but this year i am taking a different approach to the holidays. in the craziness of having to relocate in january i have a lack of money this year to purchase gifts for those i love. however, i LOVE to make homemade gifts and that is what i will be doing this year. it is the homemade Christmas and i encourage all of you to do the same. instead of spending time running around the mall, put your heart into something that you get to make for someone. not only do you get to avoid the busy mall, you will have that much more time to spend with your loved ones. i wish a great holiday season to all of you and i hope you get to spend a lot of time with your family & friends during the next month of holiday season!

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