Monday, August 27, 2012

summer's end & school again

Wow! It has been a whole month + some since I have written a post. I cannot believe how fast time goes. Well since I have been MIA for a while now I will fill you in on what I have been up to. I spent the last two weeks of my summer vacation on a road trip to California. We stopped in Vail on the way out to San Diego and spent the week on the beach. It was a beautiful and relaxing trip. I am very much in love with San Diego. On the way back we spent two nights in Vegas, which proved to be a huge tourist trap. It was still fun though. I played a few penny slots and didn't lose all my money :) The trip was well worth the long hours spent in the car.

I arrived back to Iowa on the Thursday before classes started up again (which was Monday, August 20th). I spent the weekend hanging out with friends that I hadn't seen in a while. I also got to spend some time with relatives at my cousin's bridal shower. Then of course the dreaded Monday of school came. I cannot believe I have already been back at school for a week because it honestly feels like a whole month with all the stuff I had to do in the the past 7 days. I get the joy of spending my last semester on campus with my nose in 16 books!! Yep, you did read that correctly. I had to buy 16 books for my classes. How depressing?!

After a few days of classes I realized how much I actually enjoy the classes I am in. I keep thinking wow, you know you're passionate about what you do if you wake up really excited to go to heath studies to learn about ways to educate youth about being healthy. Sounds lame huh? It really is a good class so far. So, even though I have to read soooo many books this semester I think I will actually enjoy it.

As I said earlier this is my last semester on campus! Next semester I will be going off to my student teaching location (of which I do not know yet). I am applying to go to Houston, Texas as my number 1 spot. I am studying elementary education with an emphasis in ESL (English as a second language). Houston seems like it will give me a great opportunity to work with a diverse group and give me a great experience with teaching ESL. Hopefully all goes as planned and I will be making my way to Texas in January. :)

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