Wednesday, April 4, 2012

inspiring thoughts on teaching

Many people simply think becoming a teacher is an easy career and that college life for education majors is a breeze and that anybody could do it. What is overlooked is the fact that there is a growing rate of poverty, childhood life issues, and uncaring families. Children in schools now face a lot more than they used to. Such as going hungry, not sleeping because of issues at home, and the list continues to go on. My point is that there are so many aspects to teaching youth now than in the past. Teachers put in a lot of heart and effort into their jobs and they are educating our future. It is a big job and not just anybody can do it. You have to have the right heart, the perseverance, a positive outlook on everything, and most of all you have to believe in every child that you encounter. So when I am feeling a little overwhelmed about going into this field I go to my computer and I watch this video. It speaks the truth with so much compassion and it gets me fired up every time.

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  1. This really is inspiring! Makes me want to go back and get my certification. I feel like I let a lot of my dreams go when I didn't get my certificate. Great video!